By R. Ian Murray, DMD
March 29, 2016
Category: Dentistry

It’s important that you know what to do when your dentures become damaged.

Dealing with a damaged pair of dentures? It can be frustrating and heart-stopping the minute you realize you’ve dropped your dentures. denturesBut it will be okay. Find out more about when dentures need to be repaired and how your Stuart, FL dentist Dr. R. Ian Murray can ensure that your dental prosthesis is restored.

Dentures are made from materials like acrylic and metal, and while they can be strong they can’t compare to the strength of natural teeth. So it’s just a fact that dentures are certainly going to be more fragile than real teeth. From dropping them to wearing the material down over time, there are so many factors that can cause dentures to break.

How are dentures repaired?

How easy dentures are to fix will depend on how bad the damage is. A minor crack can typically be fixed by having us bond it back together, but if your dentures have broken then it’s a bit trickier. While it’s not inconceivable that you could repair broken dentures the main concern is the overall integrity of the dentures and how strong they will still be.

In any case, if you are dealing with damaged dentures it’s time to see your general dentist in Stuart for proper assessment and repairs. If the dentures are so broken that they can’t be repaired, then we may need to take impressions of your mouth to create a new pair of dentures.

If a tooth has cracked or fallen off the dentures this is an easy fix for a dental lab. Of course, a small chip may be repaired right here in our Stuart dental office, rather than being sent to a lab. The size of the chip will determine whether this is something we can repair or if it needs to be sent to a dental lab. Even though a repair will mean you will be away from your dentures we will work with the lab and with you to make sure you get your smile back as quickly as possible.

Need to deal with damaged dentures? No problem! Your Stuart, FL restorative dentist is here to help. Turn to Dr. R. Ian Murray, DMD, LLC for all of your dental needs.


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