By R. Ian Murray, DMD
January 31, 2017
Category: Dentistry

With the help of dentures and a dentist in Stuart, FL, your smile can be restored. Dr. R. Ian Murray is well versed in understanding full or denturespartial tooth loss in patients. If this ailment is left untreated, it can lead to serious health issues for the patient. Dentures are a great way to replace missing teeth in the mouth.

What Types of Dentures Are Available in Stuart, FL?

Dentures can be full or partial and are made of a durable plastic resin. These dentures can fit perfectly over the remaining ridge that previously held your teeth. The dentures are typically held in the mouth with a suctioning effect.

Conventional Full Dentures: These conform to the mouth naturally. They are custom-made to look like natural teeth for patients and function similar to natural teeth too.

Immediate Dentures: These are temporary for patients to transition into denture wearing. They are placed in the mouth directly after tooth extraction occurs. They don’t fit as well because the gums haven’t been given adequate time to heal.

Transitional Partial Dentures: These are removable plastic dentures that work as a temporary tooth replacement before the dental implant process.

Solutions for Partial or Full Tooth Loss

With the help of Dr. Murray in Stuart, FL, any patient with any type of tooth loss can be satisfied. During the denture process, an impression is made of the top and bottom of a patient’s mouth. This is used to make the custom dentures they are looking for, then the patient’s bite is also tested to make sure that they come together properly.

It’s important to always remember that after experiencing tooth loss, there may be shrinkage over time. This means that regular denture fittings may be necessary over time. To schedule a consultation regarding dentures with Dr. Murray today, call (772) 287-5222.


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