By R. Ian Murray, DMD
September 27, 2017
Category: Dentistry
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Did you know that there’s a very good chance that your favorite celebrity wears porcelain veneers? It is a crucial element of most veneersHollywood smiles. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a perfect, white, straight, ideally contoured set of teeth. It doesn’t matter how unattractive your front teeth currently look due to wear and tear or aging, veneers can spruce them up relatively quickly. It.’s time to discover the benefits of getting porcelain veneers at Dr. R. Ian Murray’s Stuart, FL dentist office.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?
Most veneers are created using a material called porcelain. Porcelain is highly durable, reliable, and resistant to common tooth problems like enamel erosion. A veneer is very thin and translucent so it has a “barely there” feel when it’s incorporated into your smile. You’ll likely forget you have them, and everyone else you meet will only know that your teeth look amazing.

Benefits of Porcelain Veneers
If you’re interested in veneers and want to know why you should choose this cosmetic option over others, explore some of the most compelling benefits:

- Your smile will look perfectly aligned, straight, and free from gaps.
- Your smile will look natural.
- Your teeth will remain white and bright for many years.
- Veneers protect the teeth and resist staining.

What It’s Like to Have Veneers
After your new veneers have been placed by your Stuart dentist and your new smile is revealed, you will feel like a new person. If you’ve been hiding your smile in pictures and when you’re around other people, you no longer have to struggle with this insecurity. Having a nice smile makes you feel good about yourself and more comfortable in social settings. Many people also believe that veneers make you look younger and healthier.

A Beautiful Smile Is Within Your Reach
You can have a beautiful smile this year when you go to Dr. R. Ian Murray for veneers. Call (772) 287-5222 today to schedule a consultation at his Stuart, FL office.


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