By R. Ian Murray, DMD
August 18, 2014
Category: Dentistry
When people say a smile can brighten a room, in many ways this is true. In fact, there are so many positive benefits to smiling. Smiling alone can improve your mood and increase happiness.Secure Dentures
One study found that people who smile more are better received by those around them. While this might seem obvious to some, if you have tooth loss, then it can make it hard to smile. Tooth loss doesn’t need to have such a profound effect on your physical and emotional wellbeing. Change all that and revel in the benefits that come from smiling by choosing dentures.
You may have considered dentures in the past, but you don’t know enough about them. That’s what we’re here for! Here are some of your most frequent denture questions answered:

Q: What are dentures and what are the different types?

A: Simply put, dentures are a removable solution to replacing missing teeth. They are often made from acrylic resin and are designed to look just like natural teeth. There are two different kinds of dentures: complete and partial. As the names suggest, complete dentures are used to replace all teeth while partial dentures help fill in the gaps where you’re missing teeth. Partial dentures also keep your natural teeth from shifting positions.

Q: What are the advantages of dentures?

A: Dentures will greatly improve your ability to chew and speech. Dentures will also help to support your facial muscles to improve your appearance and even make you look younger. Tooth loss, particularly severe cases, can cause skin to sag and cheeks to sink in. Dentures help fill out your face, giving you a fuller, more youthful appearance.
Dentures will also help build your self-confidence, as you’ll feel more comfortable smiling in public, talking to coworkers and eating at restaurants.

Q: How long is the process?

A: Dentures usually take several visits in order to find the proper fit. Once a proper diagnosis is made and you’re deemed a good candidate, we’ll make impressions of your mouth to determine your jaw position and certain dimensions. Then your dentures will be fabricated to your mouth’s exact specifications.

Q: Will dentures feel funny?

A: As with anything new, dentures might take some getting use to. If you’ve been battling tooth loss for a while you’ll need time to get accustomed to a full smile. Sometimes it only take a few hours for people to feel comfortable speaking with dentures, while others may report some mild discomfort with chewing for a few days after their fitting.
If you’re ready to boost your self-esteem, enjoy your favorite foods again or just partake in the health benefits of smiling, let us see if you’re a good fit for dentures. Call us at (772) 287-5222, to schedule your appointment.
Did dentures have a profound impact on your life? Do you notice that you smile more or attend more social functions? Has your work life improved? We would love to hear the different ways that dentures have helped you!


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